A Cake to Cure Cancer

Often I am asked how our children are doing? How have they handled the whirlwind of the last 8 weeks? How has cancer impacted us as a family, or more specifically how has it manifested in each of our children?

We decided from the first day of my diagnosis that we would be transparent and open with our children. That we were going to include them in every step of the process. We realized that it would be difficult at times. We also knew that given their ages, 12, 9, and 7, that they had different capacities to engage in such a weighty topic. And as suspected they have each handled, or at times struggled, with the journey in their own unique ways.

What follows is a short piece written by our 9 year old daughter Chase as part of her school journal. I only recently discovered this entry when we were reviewing some of her work to date. I have written it exactly as it appears in her journal.

I feel so blessed and grateful to have this incredible family. My children are not only an inspiration and motivation, they are also unbelievable teachers and  a source of wisdom and light in our lives.

A cake to cure Cancer!

I baked a cake to cure cancer. The cake’s ingretients are, happieness, courage, health, medicine, water, sleep, family, cuddles, cofert, hugs, warmth, flowers, bucket full of love, Respect, Pillows, rest, Peace, a pinch of maple syrup, a cup of ginger ale, a sliver of sugar, a bit of popcorn, teddy bears, and kisses.

Like when a person goes to the doctors, and the doctor thells the person he/she has cancer and tells the person, you have cancer. Then says your options to get rid of it is you either have surgery or you have cemoetheripie or you can have a slice of cake with magicle ingretients. the doctor says the ingretients are happiness, courage, helth, medicine, water, sleep, family, cuddles, comphert, hugs, warmth, flowers, buckets full of love, Respect, Pillows, rest, peace, a pinch of maple syrup, a cup of ginger ale, a sliver fo sugar, a bit of popcorn, Teddy bears, and kisses!

Then the person asks what does this cake do. Exzactly what does this cake do? What this magicle cake does, is after you swallow all of it these migic ingredients especially Love and Family! Well what it does once you swallow the peice it forms into a big pumping heart makes the cancer die kicks the cancer out and then your all better. The End.

– By Chase

….love the teachers comments…”I think the world needs your cake!”



Chase’s List

Chase's List

Prior to surgery Chase (our 9 year old daughter) and I were talking one night. She told me she was scared and felt conflicted with so many different emotions. I encouraged her to write all her different feelings down and express herself. Here’s the list, sums it up pretty well…