Cancer: The Harsh Story Of Lung Cancer vs Breast Cancer

It is time to change the perception of lung cancer in our popular culture. It is time to make lung cancer as culturally relevant as breast cancer.


{I will preface this post by saying that anyone that is diagnosed with cancer has their world changed forever. The clock begins to tick, world closes in on you, and your world is changed in a way that will never be the same. I am being provocative. I am challenging.}

For those of you that I have had the privilege of meeting, and for those of you I have not met, you know and will come to find that cancer is the story of my life. It is what I have dedicated my professional career to try and make an impact. I am fortunate enough to be able to combine my passion, my talent, and my wisdom all into one single focus.

In October I made a commitment to wear a bow tie the same color of the cancer awareness for that specific month. October was easy, it was Breast…

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One thought on “Cancer: The Harsh Story Of Lung Cancer vs Breast Cancer

  1. I just wish ALL cancer was treated as an enemy. Instead of having to battle within cancer – you called breast cancer “sexy” — let me tell you my scars make me feel SO VERY UNSEXY. I will never feel sexy. I feel scared and marked and violated. You do too — in a different and horrific way. We all do. Let’s unite cancer under one important, sensitive and all inclusive blanket and all of us find a color together.

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