Day #2 – view from the hospital bed

Wow…26 hrs since I arrived in this room. Working really hard at my pulmonary PT so I can speed up the process.

MD Anderson is an amazing hospital. And holy cow I really don’t like hospitals! Still so fuzzy from the narcotics. Sometimes up sometimes down. This morning sucked. Kids showed up and I tried my best. This afternoon I was able to sleep, that made a huge difference. Ate my first food around 5 tonight

So many tubes, IV lines, monitors. Coming and going at all hours. Blood pressure cuff auto inflates every hour. Chest tube still in. Punch the button and get more narcotics. Brief moments of feeling like I could walk out, and moments of feelings as if I am lying on the side of the road having been hit by a truck.

trid to watch TV thesis am, no way,a throbbing headache kept me lying in a darkroom. later this evening I can watch some TV, type this entry. Feeling a bit stir crazy, imagine that will increase tomorrow.

Lots of breathing exercises to get movement to cough up blood and other nasties. Hurts to cough and move around. feel like i have multiple holes on my left side, oh right i do! 🙂 feel like I am stuck to this bed.

Brooke and my brother Hamilton have been amazing, advocating for me if something gets lost in the mix, drug change, change in procedure, etc. my night nurse, Teny, is great. Hungry again but off schedule and missed the kitchen, ugh.

miller came back this eve said he was amazed at the difference “you weren’t present this morning, your eyes weren’t there” i must have been something..don’t feel amazing this eve.

Gave me a nebulizer this eve. Totally wired me, jangled nervousness, a bummer. Need to go to sleep yet feeling edgy. Need to try and settle in. Made some progress today…Still have a way to go.

3 thoughts on “Day #2 – view from the hospital bed

  1. Love you, Andrew. You’re a warrior. And amazingly strong. I’m sorry for the pain. Im totally impressed you can even write 26 hours later !! Steady on. This too shall pass…

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