Two Thoughts on Practicing Kindness

Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear.

 What does it mean that success is as dangerous as failure?

Whether you go up the ladder or down it,

your position is shaky.

When you stand with your two feet on the ground,

you will always keep your balance.


What does it mean that hope is as hollow as fear?

Hope and fear are both phantoms

that arise from thinking of self.

When we don’t see the self as self,

what do we have to fear?


See the world as your self.

Have faith in the way things are.

Love the world as yourself;

then you can care for all things.

– Tao Te Ching

George Saunder’s giving advice to graduates and discussing the need for kindness and all the things working against our actually achieving it, and the risk in focusing too much on “success”.


One thought on “Two Thoughts on Practicing Kindness

  1. This post struck me right in the heart and very relevant in my life, as well as all I’m sure. I have a story that ends tragically for a family I knew from afar, but wish I had taken more action with as children growing up. I also have an uplifting story of a boy, not a close friend, being super kind to mine through the years and is so positive. I am thinking of both right now and kindness is the thread between them. The article was truly so lovely. I’ll share with my family because its right on for all ages. Love you both so much.

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